About us

About us

Our vision & mission

Vision: to be the leading force of social enlightenment in Mongolia.

Our mission is to promote passion for books and reading in Mongolia and to be the leading publishing house by introducing world class standards, design and quality for our books and the written word and to set a benchmark for the Mongolian publishing industry.

Brief introduction

Established in 2002, Monsudar Publishing LLC is the first privately owned company specializing in book publishing in Mongolia. Respecting and protecting intellectual property rights was at the heart of our business from the beginning and Monsudar is a pioneer in introducing officially licensed and translated books and products in the country. Since its establishment, Monsudar has been leading the Mongolian book market both in terms of the number of new titles published per year and in annual revenues.

With the help of 100+ freelance translators, editors and artists, our dedicated team of 45 people strive to publish books with the highest editorial and production quality. Our publishing house is divided into 5 imprints and each has its own unique character and specialty. Together, they publish roughly 60 new titles a year and has over 500 titles in print.

2019 marks a new milestone for Monsudar Publishing, as the company’s founder Mr. Enkhbat Roozon is honored with the Goethe medal, an official decoration of the Federal Republic of Germany, from the Goethe-Institute, for his commitment to social progress in Mongolia and contribution to the continuing development of the country’s cultural and educational policy.

Our imprints and areas of publication:

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Publisher of children’s books with the primary goal of spread the love of books and reading to the future generation of Mongolia.

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Ranging from all time literary classics to modern fiction and non-fiction titles, including business, self help, history and biographies, Monsudar has been satisfying the intellectual hunger of Mongolian readers for nearly two decades.

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Deriving its name from the Latin disco and dŏcĕo, it is a publisher of educational & supplementary materials for all ages, from kindergarten to higher education training.

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Monsudar language and culture

Specialized in dictionaries, foreign language learning books and reference books on Mongolian culture & traditions.


Licensor of internationally acclaimed characters from creators such as Disney and Marvel.

A major part of the titles we publish are translations of internationally recognized works. We have over 15 years of experience working with the leading global publishing companies and agencies and have published the works of some of the biggest names in the industry such as J.K.Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Kazuo Ishiguro, Murakami Haruki, Yuval Noah Harari among many others to Mongoian readers.

Apart from publishing of translation works, we also create many books in house, specifically in areas such as children’s books, educational and linguistics titles and Mongolian history and culture. Some of our books have been translated and published in Japanaese, Korean and Chinese.

In addition, Monsudar is home to one of the largest photo archives of Mongolian history, nature and everyday life.

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