About us

About us

Founded in 1998, the Monsudar Publishing is the first and leading publishing house in Mongolia. Today, with over 50 employees, making 70-80 new publications annually to the mass market of the country, Monsudar has become a largest publishing house.

We also cooperate with internationally influential organizations to introduce world-famous books to Mongolians.

Aimed at more positive changes in society, our publishing house organizes annual events such as "Days of Enlightenment" and "Summer Reading" which we hope will improve the public education, enlighten the people of this country.


Monsudar publishing house has 5 editorials introducing the most important contents and the best translations in Mongolia.

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Children’s books editors

Jangar children’s books are adapted to the child’s age, meets their intellectual and household needs and develops children’s potential with the creative content.

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Literary editors

Literary editors deliver the best translations of international bestseller books and world's classics with author’s official authorization.

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Educational books editors

This editorial supports and meets all level of educational criteria and is a publisher of “Primary teacher”, a magazine of teaching methodology and teaching materials.

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Monsudar language and culture

Mongolian language & culture books editors

Besides publishing books and dictionaries of Mongolian language and culture, the editorial also publishes an officially authorized foreign language dictionaries and textbooks.


We translate and publicate an DC comics, Dark Horse comics, Cartoon Network and Disney picture books from USA with an official authorization.

Over 50 children’s well known comics, such as Batman, Superman, Twilight, and Avatar have been published through our authorized translation to the readers.

We are committed to delivering latest, best-known international best publications in its mother tongue to our children and teanagers.

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